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General Questions
Silverjuke and Open Source

General Questions

Where do I find the extensions?

Newer versions of Silverjuke already come together with popular extensions. These are audio decoders, virtual keyboards, language files and some skins.

Does Silverjuke support DRM-protected music files?


Where do I find a list of recent changes?

For a changelog, please refer to “Help / All files” in the program or to this page.

Silverjuke and Open Source

Do I need to pay anything for the Open-Source-Version of Silverjuke?

No. You may use it for private, commercial and/or public purposes. You do not need a licence key for the open source version of Silverjuke.

I want to compile Silverjuke myself. Where do I find the source code?

At https://github.com/silverjuke/silverjuke - you'll also find all licence details there.

Is there a Windows-Open-Source-Version?

No. We offer a version to buy instead.


What do I need a licence key for?

If you want to use the Windows- or Mac-versions for a longer time, you'll need a licence key for Silverjuke. Licence keys are available here.

Is my order on silverjuke.net secure?

Depending on the selected payment method, transactions are done by our partners Share-it! or PayPal who do everything possible to protect your privacy - yes, your order is secure. For details, see our Privacy Policy.

How much does Silverjuke cost in US$, Pound Sterling, Swiss Franc, ...

The exact amount depends on the current change and tax rates and will be shown in the payment process before you really submit the order.

In general, we accept the following billing currencies: Euro, US Dollars, Pound Sterling, Swiss Franc, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar and Japanese Yen. Using PayPal, we accept all possible currencies.

How do I get my licence key? How long does it take?

After you've ordered your licence key in the shop and we got your money, we will send you a mail with the license key. Please keep this mail in a save place or print it out.

Please keep this mail in a save place or print it out; we cannot recreate keys later.

How long does it take?

Paying by credit/debit card or by PayPal, you normally receive you licence key within some minutes. Paying by bank-/wire-transfer, by check or by postal mail, you receive your licence key within some days.

Just after you submit an order, you receive an e-mail with detailed information about your specific payment process; please refer to this e-mail. However, if in doubt, don't hesitate to .

Does Silverjuke require an internet connection when entering the licence key?

No, we just send you the licence key via mail. There is no need to be connected to the internet when entering the key in the program.

Do I need different licence keys for different operating systems?

No. Your key will be valid for all supported operating systems. You do not need a licence key for the open source version of Silverjuke.

Is the licence key also valid for updates?

In the past ten years all updates were free and old licence keys could be used. There are no plans to change this :)