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CSV over HTTP server configuration

Service-Team in Dec 05 * · Reply

Silverjuke 2.00 introduces the possibility to read music libraries from HTTP-servers [1]. For this purpose, Silverjuke searches a configuration file named music-lib-cfg.txt in the server's root or in the used root directory [2].

If you use HTTP servers provided by well-known instances, the configuration is done automatically. In these cases, there is no need to read on. Also note, that all this is still in a beta state and is subject to change in future versions of Silverjuke.

However, if you want to set up your own HTTP server with your music library and want Silverjuke to read this archive, here's the description of the file format:

The "music-lib-cfg.txt" File Format

Possible settings All this may sound a little bit confusing, however, again, in most cases there is no need to play with these settings. An example is attached to this post. And - as always - if there are any questions left, feel free to post them in this thread.


[1] To add a server, select "Add a server containing music files" when clicking on "Settings / My music library / Add source". For Silverjuke <= 2.52beta1, you have to hold down the Shift- and the Ctrl-Key when clicking on the "Add source" button.

[2] Alternatively, this file may be placed in one of the local search directory with the name of the server and all characters beside a-z and 0-9 replaced to a minus, eg. "www-myserver-com.txt". Moreover, for some usual servers, we provide the configuration file on

Download music-lib-cfg.txt
This is an example configuration file, please read the comments above. (543 Bytes, Downloaded: 741 Time(s))

Re: CSV over HTTP server configuration

bbrodka in Sep 08 · Reply

Are there any recommended apps for automatically scanning and updating the cvs file?

Re: CSV over HTTP server configuration

Service-Team in Sep 08 · Reply

No, however, such a script should be creatable with very less scripting (in your favourite language).

Best regards,
Your Silverjuke-Team

Re: CSV over HTTP server configuration

Virgus in Sep 08 · Reply

I'm not sure if I understood well, all the cvs data will then be copied to the local db? Or will the local client be able to work just with the cvs and no need for local db?


Re: CSV over HTTP server configuration

Service-Team in Sep 08 · Reply

Silverjuke reads the information from the CVS and caches them in the local database.

Think of the CVS file as a replacement for the local file system for remote servers.

Best regards,
Your Silverjuke-Team

Re: CSV over HTTP server configuration

Guest in Jul 09 · Reply


You supplied us with a configuration for In fact I think we came up with the dea of server based music feed when we were talking 4 or 5 years ago. However that configuration no longer works.

Can you advise

Re: CSV over HTTP server configuration

Service-Team in Jul 09 · Reply


we've updated the broadchart configuration file, everything should work well now.

Image added to the post

By default, the configuration is read from the Silverjuke server, so there is not much you have to do, just remove and re-add your broadchart accout with the correct password.

Best regards,
Your Silverjuke-Team

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